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A Guide To Our Web Design Process
A Guide To Our Web Design Process

A Guide To Our Web Design Process

Here at WebDeveloperLondon.com, we take a unique approach to web design. Our comprehensive process allows us to get inside the mind of our clients. Also to do so in a way that allows us to produce highly customised pages that aptly reflect a client’s vision for their brand. Let’s take a close look at our web design process so that you can understand how we will help you reach your branding goals.

We understand the biggest point of interest in our web design process is the cost. As all of our projects are bespoke and custom, we cannot give an accurate price of your website until we have all the details. However, we have put together a thorough guide on how much a web design could cost which you can read on our blog.

Identifying Your Branding

When it comes to operating a business on the internet, your branding is going to play the biggest role. Here at WebDeveloperLondon, we work directly with you to help you develop your branding in a way that will bring in customers. Our web design process helps you to identify your branding and boost aspects of your online campaigns in a strategic way.

We understand that you have certain business goals, and we use our innovative ideas to help bring your brand message to life. Our specialist will work directly with you to create or update your brand logo, create a cohesive colour scheme, and even generate guidelines for your brand to keep future promotions on point. Maintaining cohesive flavor, style, and message for your brand is critical. During the project, we will ensure that all of the graphics, photos, designs and even the font create a brand identity that will last a lifetime.

Our branding specialist knows just which questions to ask to get a clear visual of your brand’s message. This allows us to create a design that will showcase your message accurately regardless of where you publish your content. Let’s face it, there is no industry that is not without competition, and in some cases that competition is intense. Our team will scope out your competition specifically within your niche so that we formulate more effective branding on your behalf.

Business Buzz Session

Once we zero in on your branding, we will move on to our brainstorming sessions. These business buzz sessions allow us to take a closer look at your brand and your desires for building your brand. Our “buzz meetings” give you a chance to voice your values, state your mission, and explore the tone of voice you want your web design project to have. We will be able to better understand where your brand and company fall within the current market and in comparison to your closest competitors. Our web designers take the time to get to know our clients so that their goals become our passion for the project.

The more we are able to learn about each client, the easier it will be to boost sales, drive web traffic, and increase brand awareness across all platforms. In some cases, it can even help us to create a modernised message for your company or create more inclusivity if needed. The information gathered during these business buzz sessions helps us to create an effective strategy that will be used during the development and design of your customised project. Working closely with clients also gives us insight into the behaviours of your target market and how your current customers like to interact with you as a brand.

Customising A Brand Strategy

Information gathering is critical for success; the next step is actually creating a brand strategy that works. During this stage, we will take a closer look at your current brand arc to better plan your path to success. Our experts will formulate a brand strategy that allows consumers to see you as both authentic and professional at the same time. When it comes to design work and company branding, strategy is always the foundation. Our strategies will help you build or boost your reputation in a way that creates a lasting impression in the market.

Our creative team will help build an identity for your brand that will drive results from all available channels. For those who already have an existing brand, we can help bring your business into the modern age. Things change and your brand should too if you want to grow your customer base. We offer a range of full refresh services that will not only elevate your branding but also improve upon your existing message. The market is crowded, and in order to stand out, you need to carve out a niche by being unique. Our creative team of web designers will work to create a brand strategy that sets your company apart from the rest. Our team will help to clarify your message, connect more efficiently with your audience, and help communicate your brand’s values.

Creating Your Perfect Website

Our team excels at creating an array of unique designs for all types of websites. We specialise in both visually enticing and intuitively functional methods. Our web designs give our clients the freedom they need to create the message and imagery they want for their brand. Our team of web developers never uses templates, instead, we work directly with you to create customised solutions built to meet the specific needs of our clients.

We hand over our designs in a PDF format that is directly generated by our in-house graphic design team. The projects we create on our client’s behalf will take your customers on a special journey. One that starts out with building brand awareness and leads them through the path of becoming loyal customers. The guidelines that we create with your input at the start of the process will be used to ensure that all of your brand campaigns are cohesive throughout each applied platform. We understand that your reputation is your bread and butter, as a professional design company; we put your reputation first.

All of our designs are further tailored to suit your specific target audience based on how your users interact with your brand. In addition to creating a superior UI for your brand, we also ensure that it also features a dynamic design for on-the-go use. If you are looking for a competitive edge, look no further than WebDevelopmentLondon. Contact us by email or phone call to find out more about our bespoke web design & development services in London.



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