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YKK Europe is a fastening product provider, and one of the international leaders in quality zippers and fasteners.

All their products guarantee strength and the proper certification: YKK is not just a zipper brand, but the zipper brand.

The YKK brand is recognizable almost anywhere in the world. They are all about environmental sustainability, and quality that many other industries rely on for their own production lines.

Capturing Culture

The website for YKK Europe gets right to the point.

A high-quality image gallery of different zippers and fasteners by YKK Europe is the first thing potential customers see. With this, there is an option to browse their wider range of products, read more, or get in touch with YKK customer support.

Simple, plain language copy establishes a clear and immediate link with any potential customers, whether they are a single-owner business or a distributor for a fashion chain.

Transforming The Digital Experience

YKK barely needs an introduction, and visitors to their site are likely to know exactly what they are looking for: the best fasteners and zippers on the market.

The YKK site establishes a professional online presence from the second the site loads.

Every click on the website has a point, and is a potential call-to-action that can lead to sales for the company.

That’s how other companies are supposed to do things, though many don’t get it quite as right.

Responsive Design

Web Design Portfolio image

The Results

YKK’s new website is a bright and vibrant update to perfectly showcase their company and services; the brand guidelines have been followed throughout the design process. The website’s blue theme aligns with its brand identity and matches its logo. We have included an attractive contact us section showing a world map as YKK is a worldwide company and well known for its products.

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