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Hannah Paskin Therapy

Hannah Paskin is a qualified behavioural therapist, located in Cheshire.

With considerable experience in the field, she specialises in corporate and business clients who visit her practice to overcome emotional challenges and stumbling blocks. Her biography is a friendly introduction to what Hannah Paskin does and how it can help clients from the first session booked for.

She is called the “straight-talking therapist”, and promises to be exactly that for her potential customers. A direct, no-frills therapy solution that can help clients “get to the root” of what’s in the way.

Capturing Culture

The homepage for Hannah Paskin is exactly like her method of therapy: it’s straight-talking, and straight to the point of what she does and how it could help clients to live better lives or overcome their current emotional and mental obstacles.

All you would want to know about her therapeutic methods, her practice, or her experience can be found with a click on the right page. Copy is conversational though professional, and lets site visitors get to know Hannah Paskin a little before before their first potential session with her.

Transforming The Digital Experience

The website is as direct as her advertised therapy methods, and visitors can find what they want to know right there. Relevant information is available, and the on-site blog helps to establish an online presence people feel like they know already.

Hannah Paskin allows new clients to find and book her services online, with SEO-friendly copy that leads visitors to where to contact, book a session, or read more about her services.

Responsive Design

Web Design Portfolio image

The Results

The new website we built for Hannah Paskin Therapy has a unique design. It highlights her brand identity perfectly; it showcases many new features to enhance her online presence and professionalism. The company had a complete rebrand which showcases a bold and modern design. All changes will help Hannah Paskin have a strong online presence, creating trust between the user and herself.

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