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Bach 95 is a unique beer, brewed by unique people.

The Bach 95 difference isn’t another new flavour of beer, and it’s not a reduced-alcohol brew. Like most beer lovers, the creators of Bach 95 wouldn’t like to see another crazy flavour on the market, either.

Instead, Bach 95 is a beer that has been made to contain less of the calories found in every other beer – and not less fun.

Each can of Bach 95 has less than 100 kCal, which is less than any other beer on the market. Gone are the days where the calorie-count of beer was measured in slices of bread. With Bach 95, you can just go ahead and enjoy a royally good beer.

Capturing Culture

Beer has never looked better than Bach 95.

First impressions of the website are welcoming – and clear about what the site sells. Sleek cans of Bach 95 beer are the first thing visitors see. Blue hues and accents are almost a reminder of a cool fridge you can just reach into for a can of cool beer… That’s the point!

The story of how Bach 95 came to be is an essential part of the site. As users scroll through, it’s like speaking to a friend until you get to the bottom and they ask, “Hey, do you want a beer?”

You will.

It works.

Transforming The Digital Experience

Bach 95 is the perfect blend of effective copy that goes straight to a call-to-action that will make customers consider giving their brew a try.

Bach starts the interaction with customers with easy reading, friendly copy on the pages of the site. Once customers know what Bach 95 is about, the site makes it easy for customers to subscribe to orders with a few clicks.

With less effort than going down to their local pub, customers can have great beer delivered to their front door. It’s as easy as an online pizza order, but better – because it’s beer!

Responsive Design

Web Design Portfolio image

The Results

The new eCommerce website for Bach 95 showcases many new features. A modern design is used throughout to enhance the customer experience, an updated logo, and eye-catching graphics that will catch the customers’ attention!. Out of all, the most striking feature is the animation – right from the logo to the subscription section, you’ll notice the elements appear one after the other as you scroll down!

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